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Bruno Visits His Uncle



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  Bruno Visits Uncle Alex

Bruno's Visits His Uncle

Bruno was so excited today that he was just about to burst. He could hardly stand this state.


Although Bruno had so much work to do, he could not concentrate at all. Not even his Yoga sessions helped. Usually, he always managed to calm down when he practised Yoga which he had been doing for quite a long time.

The reason for Bruno's excitement was that his favourite uncle, Uncle Alex, had moved to his own country and he would visit him for first time in his new flat tonight. Bruno hadn't seen his uncle too often because Uncle Alex had lived in another country.

A few weeks ago, everything changed: The telephone rang and Uncle Alex announced to his nephew Bruno that he would leave his home country. The really great news for Bruno was: Alex had decided to move to the country and even the city where Bruno lived. And the best of all was that his flat would be very close to Bruno's.

After hearing these news, Bruno was totally out of his mind and it was hard to wait. He didn't manage to calm down any more at all and had been horribly puzzled during the last few weeks.

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