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Bruno And The Wasp

One day, Bruno decided to go to the park on his own.

As he was quite used to travelling by tram by that time, this was no problem. He put on his clothes, put some food into his small rucksack and left the house.

The tram was very close to the place where he lived. He went there on foot. The good thing about the tram and the public transport for a little bear like Bruno was that he didn't have to buy a ticket because no-one would ask him whether he had paid.

Bruno quite liked going by tram because there was so much to see. He had to watch everything happening in the tram quite closely. There were so many people. In addition, his tram line passed really nice areas with beautiful buildings.

Busy with looking, Bruno did not notice that he had gone one stop too far. When he realized it, he jumped off the tram as quickly as possible and fell on his snout. But this did not bother him as he was so excited. He had never been to a real park on his own.
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