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Bruno's and Foxi's First Travel



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  Foxi's First Travel

Bruno's and Foxi's First Travel

Bruno and Foxi were totally out of their mind: today, they would do their first big journey to a foreign city together.


Bruno was already experienced in travelling, but his cute little friend had only done short day trips in the car so far. Today, they would travel by plane. Originally, they had fancied a journey by train, but this option had turned out to be too expensive for them.

The fact that they would travel by plane was utterly exciting. Foxi had never been on a plane in his whole life so far.

Together, they had prepared their trip carefully: both of them had a little rucksack - they did not want to carry too much stuff around - with all necessities in it. The trip to the airport had been planned precisely as well. No surprise that everything went o.k. and they arrived at their first destination without any hassle.

At the airport, Foxi was stunned: he had never seen anything like this before. Everything was so busy and everyone was so occupied with travelling.

While Bruno went to the toilet, Foxi started wandering around. He was quite aware of the fact that Bruno had told him to stay where he was. But everything was so interesting.

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