Bruno Bear
Bruno Bear
Bruno Bear

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Bruno's Friend Bello



Bear Bruno - His Friends

  Elmars Friends and Family

The gorilla Bello is the oldest member of Elmar's patchwork family.


Elmar's and Bruno's Friend Bello

Bello the Gorilla  

Bruno bumped into the gorilla accidentally when he visited Elmar in his house. As Elmar and Bruno usually meet somewhere else, this was the first time Bruno got to know Bello. In the beginning, Bruno was really shocked because of the enormous size of Bello.

The same, however, happened to Bello who hid immediately when he saw the bear. After a while, both of them had recovered from their shock and started talking to each other a little bit. Bello told Bruno that he loved eating bananas, did not go out very much and - the most important thing - that he had been living in Elmar's house long before the elk's arrival. When they had finished their first conversation, they were not afraid of each other any more and decided to meet again in the future.
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Bruno Bear
Bear Bruno
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