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Bruno's Friend Wabbit



Bear Bruno - His Friends

  Bruno and Wabbit

As his name says, Bruno's friend Wabbit is a rabbit. The "w" is due to the fact that it is hard to pronounce "r" for some animals inclusive Wabbit himself.


Bruno's Friend Wabbit

Wabbit the Travel Rabbit  

In Bruno's opinion, he got to know Wabbit much too late. As it is the case only with some (not with many) animals, he loved Wabbit immediately. Fortunately, Wabbit liked Bruno a lot as well. When they got to know each other, they had very much fun and were talking about their travels constantly.


Both of them were very excited after their first meeting. Because Wabbit and Bruno love travelling and far-away countries, they decided to go on holiday together soon.

Like Bruno, Wabbit cannot travel as much as he likes. In order to compensate for this, Wabbit is busy with reading travel literature of foreign countries during most of his leisure time.

If you come across Wabbit, however, you must never tell him that he looks like a pig. Wabbit is a Travel Rabbit and Bruno will defend him and attack you whenever you insult Wabbit because he does not look like the other rabbits you know.

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